LUMI Charging
Technology Pte Ltd
A one-stop EV Charging Platform Solution
Our Solution
Seamless Integration
Centralized Portal
Premium Experience
Our Products
Power to charge.
An EV Charging App to provide the best charging experience to EV Owners.
Power to manage.
Manage chargers&collect revenue.With our intelligent EV charging management system to help EV Charging Operators.
Power to diversify.
Quick to install,reach diverse users,expand your business.
Our Practices
Sustainability is our core

To meet the demands of the growing EV adoption and landscape change.We want to create a optimistic and sustainable future,while setting the standard.With the adoption of current and future technologies,we aim to continuously upgrade the experience and what we offer to our customers.

Our priority has always been to provide the best we have through our platform,innovation,capabilities and assurance.

Adopt Innovation

LUMI Charge was developed with scalability and flexibility in mind to deliver to the stakeholders and users to the EV Charging market.Every step,every consideration has the user’s experience and the future in mind.Our capabilities are set in stone.

Go Charge,Go Green

We follow a strict standard to going green-environmental standards.With that,our collabs consist of supply chain companies with green track records that share the same vision with us to saving the environment.

About Us
LUMI Charging Technology Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore in 2022.To deal with the gap of EV charging industry between the EV Charging Operator(EVCO)&EV owners,we developed LUMI CHARGE,a fast-growing Singapore home-grown EV charging platform,to bridge the gap seamlessly.
To bring power from the EV Charging Operator to EV Owner with continuous and up-to-date efficiency and convenience of charging with our technology.
To take and be the lead in EV Charging and Services using our platform.We’ll start in Southeast Asia,afterwards,the World.